Full Circle Recycling Program

INTRODUCING A new spin on PVC recycling

Traditionally, when a piece of decking is trimmed off or siding is cut to fit, the scraps are thrown away. Now, the AZEK Company is changing all of that with our FULL-CIRCLE™ PVC RECYCLING program. Utilizing our innovative product technology, expansive network of professionals and our vertically integrated recycling capabilities, we can collect scraps directly from construction and job sites and reprocess them into brand new decking, siding, cladding and trim.

And the environment isn’t the only one who benefits. The AZEK FULL-CIRCLE PVC RECYCLING program makes it easier for contractors to advertise themselves as green builders and reduces their disposal fees, helping them attract new clients, save money and reduce their environmental impact on the planet.

Full Recycle
Return Polymers Inc. sorts and process scrap PVC materials
60M+ Recycled PVC lbs are processes annually by Return Polymers
~2.5M lbs of Recycled PVC are collected annually through the Full-Circle PVC Program alone

How It Works

How It Works
How It Works