AZEK Cares

At The AZEK Company, philanthropy is a core component of our culture. As a company, we are committed to being responsible and respected citizens in the communities in which we live and work. The AZEK Company is dedicated to supporting organizations that help people live more productive, educated, and enriched lives. Our goal is to help people in need and provide assistance to those who are working to better their communities.


Giving Back with The AZEK Company

Our Partnerships

By collaborating with associations that share our objectives around manufacturing, and tend to necessities where our employees live and work, we can better engage and service as a team.


Giving to the Community

As our company continues its extensive growth, we recognize and take pride

in our efforts to support the communities that help us grow.

Our giving is directed towards local businesses and nonprofit organizations that provide
needed services to those communities.

Giving Products, Support and Scholarships to Schools

Scranton Products’ Duralife® Unlocker Challenge gave students the opportunity to engage and work as a team to win their premium HDPE plastic lockers and scholarships. In 2016, Scranton Products awarded over $80,000 in lockers and scholarships.

“To Scranton Products, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to let us show the world who we are. Thank you for making a great product. We can’t wait to see the lockers come in and how it changes our school. And finally, thank you for caring about students; not just with the products you give us, but in how you care about our social life and community. You care about the person themselves.”

–  Elisabeth Powell
   Student, Williamsburg Christian Academy 

AZEK Building Products: Helping Hand

AZEK Building Products launched the Helping Hand Dock and Deck Giveaway to assist families in the Southeast who were impacted by severe storm damage after Hurricane Andrew. Hundreds of entries came in from across the area. The campaign ultimately selected four deserving homeowners to win a brand new deck or dock.