Corporate Governance

Compensation Committee Charter PDF

Our board of directors has established an audit committee and a compensation committee.

Compensation Discussion & Analysis PDF

The members of the compensation committee are Christopher Mahan, Brian Hoesterey and James Andersen. The compensation committee reviews an approves the compensation and benefits for our senior employees and directors, authorizes and ratifies equity and other incentive arrangements, and authorizes employment and related agreements. From time to time, our board of directors may contemplate establishing other committees.

Audit Committee Charter PDF

The members of the audit committee are Brian Hoesterey, Chairman; Stuart M. Christhilf IV and Vincent Sarni. The audit committee recommends the annual appointment and reviews independence of auditors and reviews the scope of audit and non-audit assignments and related fees, the results of the annual audit, accounting principles used in financial reporting, internal auditing procedures, the adequacy of our internal control procedures, related party transactions, and investigations into matters related to audit functions.